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You Are a High Achiever


If you are reading this, you have already likely achieved significant success. You have been driven by learning and growth your whole life. You love people. You are fiercely curious.


But, There is a Dark Side to Success

But there can be a dark side to these traits.  The nagging belief that it is largely an act; that you are an imposter. That you have so many options before you, you can feel paralyzed. That the success is not enough. You want more. That your track record of courage to accomplish the extraordinary masks the anxiety you feel while doing it. It masks a lack of confidence that the outside world will never see.  Despite all the success, there is sometimes unrelenting doubt.


I do what I believe. I believe in our remarkable capacity to grow. I believe in a world of infinite possibilities. I believe curiosity, creativity, and the willingness to be vulnerable can lead to meaningful change. My name is Reza Rahmani.


My Background  - Engineer turned Coach

For a significant part of my adult life, I diligently did what was expected of me. I followed my dad’s direction and went into engineering.  I spent the first 10 years of my career as a professional Engineer in the technology space in Research and Supply Development. I built a track record in business success. And I was miserable. It required being willing to risk the foundation I had built and do what was required to be brave, leave and discover my passion: empowering people and communities to achieve excellence.  I abandoned years of education and experience and made the shift to a human resources role where I was responsible for recruitment, onboarding, and leadership development. I have subsequently become a certified executive coach.  


My Results 

I partnered with the Head of HR to create a culture of coaching and leadership development in the same organization where I began as an Engineer.  This program grew to completely transform the work culture. By working closely with the leadership team, I helped dramatically improve the employee engagement levels by 25%, leadership effectiveness results by 300%, and reduced employee turnover by 100%. I was honored to receive the prestigious PRISM coaching award from International Coach Federation (ICF) at the national and the international level for co-creating a culture of coaching and development. I have since partnered with a number of leaders and organizations to significantly improve their effectiveness. 


Let's Talk

I am an expert at guiding corporate cultures and individuals to reinvent themselves. If you are ready to reinvent your life or your business or to take either to the next level, we should have a conversation.