Developing High-Performance Teams

Why invest in team development? 

The productivity and harmony of teams are highly dependent on having a clear strategy, positive group dynamics, and effective leadership. Without this foundation, teams are often unproductive.


At Elevated Talent, we support teams to feel empowered, synchronize efforts, and deliver results. Based on the Gallup strength-based development approach, we train teams to embrace individual talents to enable high-performance within and across teams. Strength-based development delivers exceptional results. Organizations that receive training report:


  • 7% - 23%
    higher employee engagement

  • 8% - 18%
    increased performance

  • 20% - 73%
    lower attrition


*Gallup research


What makes a team high-performing? 

In our team development engagements, we draw on A Model of Team Success as a standard for high-performance teams. Teams function best when they have a common purpose. Our program focuses on developing a connection, communication, collaboration, and celebration.









*Gallup research

What’s included in the package?

1)    Half-day session

The Building Hight Performing Teams with StrengthsFinder, the half-day session package includes:

  • Preparatory and ongoing communication with participants

  • 30-minute calls with individual team members to discuss each member's StrengthsFinder results

  • A half-day workshop, where team members:

  • Get to know each other better through ice-breaker exercises

  • Develop awareness about each team member's strengths and blind spots

  • Discuss strategies to leverage from one another strengths to become more effective 

  • Develop an understanding about the team's collective strengths, potential blind spots and friction points, and ways to work more effectively under pressure (see an example, Team Strengths DNA chart below).

  • A designated coach to deliver ongoing support, communication, and workshop facilitation 

  • A debrief and support after the program's completion 

Example, Team Strengths DNA chart:









2)    Full-day session

The Building Hight Performing Teams with StrengthsFinder, the full-day package includes everything noted in the half-day package plus a facilitated discussion to cover the following critical topics related to elements described in A Model of Team Success:

  • What are our organizational values, and how do we practice them on a day-to-day basis?

  • What are the organizational vision and mission?

  • How do we hold each other accountable? '

  • How do we deal with failure and disappointments? 

  • How do we give each other feedback?

  • How do we best communicate with each other? How about when under pressure?

  • How do we share information? 

  • How do we make decisions? 

  • How do we acknowledge each other and celebrate wins?

The key topics will be reviewed and finalized with you.

What’s our process?

Building High Performing Teams with StrengthsFinder typically involves the following activities:  

  • Discovery calls with participants before the program to gather data and understand the context of your organization. 

  • 30-minute debrief of StrengthsFinder results with each team member to discuss strength and development areas.

  • A half-day or full-day session, delivered in-person or virtually, explores the team's diverse talents and develops a foundation for high performance. Based on A Model of Team Success, we identify the team's shared purpose and build connection, communication, collaboration, and celebration. 

  • A Q&A debrief, and post-program support is offered to your team to address inquiries and feedback.

How to get started?

To discover how our Developing High-Performance Teams program can help your teams drive results, contact us to book a consultation

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